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5 Ways Dads Can Deal with New Technologies

Breaking news in science suggests we’re a huge step closer to bringing the coolest ever sci-fi gadget down to earth. But we’re not sure we want to be putting them in Christmas stockings just yet. That’s right, dads, the Star Wars lightsaber isn’t just in your imagination any more. A working model is closer than you think.

We’re fairly certain you weren’t planning to buy one right away, but the possibility does beg the question, “Just because something’s possible does it mean it should be done?”

Phones can now do things, suggest things, and take kids places we never imagined. New technologies are rolling out all the time. Part of our job as parents is to be prepared with something intelligent to say before our kids make the decision for us. But how do we decide? What new stuff is okay for our kids and what needs to stay off limits?

Here are 5 ways dads can deal with new technologies:

1. Stay on top of the game.

As a parent, you must be conversant with cutting edge trends, fads, technologies and more. It’s almost a guarantee that your kids will be, so you need to be in the know too, Dad.

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2. Keep in conversation with the other parents.

Let’s pool our resources, circle the wagons, and keep one another informed. Make sure you’re in the loop with other moms and dads so you can avoid being blindsided by the latest gadget.

3. Make sure your family values are rooted somewhere firm as a rock.

It’s easier to sort through new information when you’re already clear about your family values. It’s not enough to be your own rock; dads need to tie up to one too.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you don’t know what your child is talking about, then ask. Ask the teachers, ask your friends, ask until you know. If all else fails, Google it. Ignorance is never bliss. Fact is, it’s dangerous.

5. Keep an open mind.

Be careful not to adopt the “Dad’s suspicious of everything” posture. The new stuff that comes along can be useful and harmless. It’s important to be proactive rather than reactive.

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