for better or worse

5 Ways to Persevere in Your Marriage for Better or Worse

Most couples promise to love their spouses for better or worse. You don’t even have to be married to be familiar with the well-known line in standard wedding vows. I have to admit, I can’t remember much of the other parts of our wedding vows. But, for some reason, “for better or worse” sticks in my head.

Although most couples used that phrase in their wedding vows, I’m not sure they really knew what they were saying. My wife and I definitely have experienced both, and I’m happy to say we’ve made it through. It hasn’t been easy by any means, and I’m sure many couples have called it quits at the slightest experience of “worse.” It’s probably easier to do that than to persevere.

My wife and I have gone through financial despair, communication issues, in-law conflicts, and even homelessness. But we committed for better or worse, and we would not let anything tear us apart. We persevered and so can you.

Here are 5 ways to persevere—to honor your promise to love for better or worse.

1. Remember your promise.

Sometimes, just remembering what you said you were going to do is enough to help you through. Even if it’s not enough by itself, it is a great starting point.

2. Remember the moments.

In the interview my wife and I did with Mark and Susan Merrill from Family First, the parent organization of All Pro Dad, iMOM, and the Family Minute with Mark Merrill, Susan mentioned the counsel she received before their wedding: look around at the scenes on your wedding day. Remembering moments you shared like this can help you push through.

3. Have help.

Our close friendships with other couples as well as their counsel helped us through the hard times we faced. Without their being there for us and with us, we may not be where we are today—together.

4. Don’t accept anything less than a fulfilling marriage.

Don’t accept anything less than a fulfilling marriage.Sometimes it just takes buckling down and not accepting anything less than the best. It’s not easy, but closing off other options will force you to work for it.

5. Depend on God.

All of the above is great. But without prayer and faith in the promises we find in God’s Word, our marriage would be nothing like it is today. At the end of the day, the best thing we have is our commitment to God and to one another.

You may face tough times, but don’t give up. This is a season and your marriage won’t be like this forever. Keep that in mind and don’t lose hope. My wife and I have persevered and so have other couples. You can do it, too.

Sound off: What are you willing to do to persevere through the challenges you face in your marriage?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “What can I do to improve our marriage and how I treat you?”