getting old

9 Reasons Why Getting Old is Awesome

“The great thing is that the funny side of getting old is fuel for my comedy.” -Steve Coogan, Actor and Comedian

Men, there are no loopholes to cheat time. There is no guy that your buddy knows who will give you a great deal on aging slower. But as the very funny Mr. Coogan astutely points out, there is a great benefit to using the situation to your advantage. One of the first things a middle-aged man does to fight his situation is trying to buy himself out of it. There is no need to waste a portion of the children’s college fund on two jet skis and a month-long sabbatical in Europe. It’s going to be alright.

Getting old is a blessing! As the years progress, so do our levels of expertise and wisdom. I was always told that it’s important for a man to be comfortable in his own skin. Each year brings a man closer to that goal, with time shedding away inhibitions and immature fears, allowing him to mature into a man ready to discover his true purposes. Getting older is awesome, so check out our 9 reasons as to why we think so.

Age brings wisdom, and wisdom always breeds confidence.

1. Your confidence grows.

Age brings wisdom, and wisdom always breeds confidence. Confidence is a trait that all people desire and that all people find attractive. Confidence will open doors that were previously closed. When properly mixed with a humble spirit, confidence will lead directly to true purpose.

2. Relationships are more purposeful.

Getting old means the more shallow and plentiful relationships of our youth are gradually replaced by a more concise and purposeful set of connections. We have figured out where we fit and we found those with whom we fit. Our friends are no longer just people we pass the time with, but with whom we are collectively building something great.

3. You have more stability.

Life will always be uncertain just by its nature, but hopefully, as we move into middle age, our lives have reached a level of reasonable stability. It is as if the pilot just announced at 30,000 feet, “You are free to move about the cabin.” Financial/career/family stability are essential goals to strive for, and hopefully, by this point, they are becoming reality.

4. You have knowledge to pass on.

In our youth, we seek out those to emulate. The people that inspire us and that we hope to be like one day. That day is here. It’s now your turn to be the mentor. To set the standard for those coming up. Be that man.

5. Watching our family grow.

Our children are growing up before our eyes. What a spectacle to behold it truly is. As we mature, we realize how small this window of time really is, and the wisest will make the most of it and cherish each second. Making family the number one priority is the mark of a grown man.

6. You become more attractive.

Not all are blessed with above average looks and that is okay. As a man ages and gains wisdom and confidence, he naturally becomes more attractive. Your wife or significant other will look at you with glowing admiration when you are at your best. That is good for a man’s soul.

7. You benefit from experience.

By middle age, we have traveled to a few places. We’ve had a few heartbreaks, and we’ve known the passionate fire of a burning romance. We have made boneheaded mistakes we paid for dearly, and we stumbled into a few big breaks that taught us where we should be stepping. In short, we have gained a precious commodity more valuable than anything in our portfolio: experience.

8. You spend less time on things that don’t matter.

We are liberated from the prison of superficiality. Cool is something left to the youth. We seek quality over quantity, comfort over style, and long-term value over the right now.

9. You are stronger.

Think about what we had to go through to get here. The circumstances are different for each of us, but the story is always the same. We have been molded by fire into emotionally mature supermen. Beast mode. We are strong and we have the numbers, so rejoice, my fellow aging men. It only gets better from here.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What age are you looking forward to being and why?”