9 Ways Dads Can Get Fit and Stay Fit

9 Ways Dads Can Get Fit and Stay Fit

May is National Fitness Month, so that means it’s time to get fit. Your health and fitness can be one of your biggest assets or worst liabilities. It will affect how you interact with your family, how you perform at work, and your life overall.

This month we are challenging you to do at least one thing each day that will benefit your health. Do something physically active for 30 minutes and eat something healthy. Adding a leafy green vegetable (salad) or beverage juiced from raw fruits and veggies is a great start.

We know how tough it can be to get started when you haven’t been physically fit in a long time, so we put together a resource that will help you get going and stay going even after May: 9 Ways Dads Can Get Fit and Stay Fit.

1. List the reasons you must get fit. You need a big why to get you started and keep you going.

2. Start at home. Don’t go broke with gym memberships or personal training. Start small. Starting at home with some exercise tapes will eliminate your concern of gear, looking bad in front of others, and even a lack of funds.

3. Find a partner. I wasn’t always a fan of working out with my wife, but after training for a 5k and going through a home exercise video together, I am a big proponent of it. If you aren’t married, find someone close to you who is dependable and will hold you accountable.

4. Get in at least 30 minutes every day, six days per week. When you begin or resume, your focus needs to be on creating good habits. If you can create the habit, learn and adjust along the way; then you’ll begin to see and feel results.

5. Set milestones and reward yourself. Set some milestones along the way to your big goal. When you hit your goals, reward yourself. Small victories over time will lead to big victories in the end. It also helps break up your journey, and it feels good to hit a goal and reward yourself.

6. Add high-nutrient, easily-digestible foods to your diet before restricting bad food. Instead of going cold turkey with a radical meal plan, take it slow. Start off by adding good foods like leafy green vegetables. Your body will not crave the bad foods you were eating as much because you will be eating high-nutrient foods. You’ll also have more energy because these foods take less energy to digest.

7. Track your progress. There is no greater feeling than to be able to check off tasks or goals as you progress. It is also a good idea to write down not just how many days and pounds, but also to reflect on your workouts and your body.

8. Study fitness and nutrition. The more I fill my mind with something, the more engaged I am with it. When you start studying fitness, you’ll feel more capable. When you start studying nutrition, you’ll be more knowledgeable and encouraged by the sacrifices you’ve made in meal choices.

9. Remind yourself why you must do this, frequently. Your why doesn’t just come into play when you first get off the couch. Your why will keep you off the couch, out of the donut shop, and moving toward getting fit throughout your journey. Never lose sight of why you must get fit for you and your family.