3 Life Lessons from Baseball

3 Life Lessons from Baseball

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.” – George Will. There are life lessons to learn from all sports (except maybe badminton), but by far, baseball is comprised of all life lessons rolled up into one game. As if we are the batter and the pitcher is life, we stand with our cleats dug in the dirt waiting for the next pitch. Until the ball releases from the hand, it is a mystery as to what will come next. With each at bat, we gain new experience that will further us along the path of life. Here are 3 life lessons to be taken from America’s favorite pastime.

1. Patience is a Virtue

In most cases, it is in our best interest not to rush things. The desire for instant gratification is so prevalent today that there is little feeling of true reward or joy. We just gobble up what we can get in that moment and move on to the next. That is a highly destructive and unsustainable pattern. Patience is a Godly virtue and something we are instructed to practice. The very best hitters in baseball average hitting the ball only 3 times out of 10. It takes great patience and discipline for long term success in baseball as well as life.

2. How to Deal with Pressure

It requires laser focus to hit a pitch thrown by a major league pitcher. The batter can’t focus on anything else but staying disciplined to his hitting approach. It takes .45 seconds for a fastball to arrive in the catcher’s mitt, and the batter can’t be distracted by doubt or fear. Nor can he be guided by emotions or irrational thought. He must stay focused under the intense pressure to succeed. Buckling under pressure in marriage, parenting, and life is where we get into trouble. We must stay focused on our commitments and stay true to our goals.

3. Teamwork Wins Championships

Baseball is a very long season and it is impossible to have a great team that plays only as individuals. Talent will carry a team only so far, but when the critical moments arrive, it takes an entire team working as one to come out on top. It is the same way in life with our marriages, our roles as parents, or our careers; it requires great teamwork to get where we want to go. Baseball is a very hard game to play, and fulfilling lives are very difficult to lead. Everyone involved has to work together for a common purpose.

“Who is your favorite baseball player and why?”