All Pro Dad’s Best of 2013

As 2013 comes to end we want to share with you some of our most popular Play of the Day emails. You may remember some of them, while some you may be reading them for the first time. We hope you enjoy them, share them, and they encourage you in your efforts to become an All Pro Dad! Here is our best of 2013 list!

1. 10 Specific Compliments for Your Wife

2. 10 Acts a Chivalrous Husband Does for His Wife

3. 10 Ways to Know You are Being a Good Father

4. 7 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Father

5. 10 Goals to Accomplish in 10 Years

6. 10 More Brain Teaser Questions

7. 5 Activities Good Fathers Should Stop Doing

8. 7 Things a Son Needs from His Father

9. Laughter: How to Bring You and Your Children Together

10. 28 Days of Thanks for Dads


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