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5 Kid-Safe Ways to Enjoy Technology

Technology opens a world of learning and fun to children.  But to help them enjoy it safely, be sure to do these 5 things. Also, check out these 5 Ways to Use Technology to Bond with Your Children.

1. Set Parental Controls

Most gadgets have parental controls to block inappropriate content. h.h.gregg employees can show you how they work.

2. Set Time Limits

Come up with a plan for school days and weekends. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests two hours of screen time a day or less. It suggests no screen time for children under the age of 2.

3. Set Location Rules

Have your children use their technology where you can keep an eye on them. Don’t allow them to have devices in their bedrooms. Especially after bedtime.

4. Set Information Rules

Tell your children to never share personal information on line or on social media. This includes their name. address, school, hobbies and photo.

5. Set Bulling Rules

Talk to your children about what online bullying looks like. Tell them to let you know fi they are ever a victim of bullying.

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