How Setting Boundaries for Kids Is Loving

Setting boundaries for kids isn’t a fun thing to talk about. Most of us would probably like to avoid the subject altogether, especially our kids. They usually see boundaries as punishment or a form of restriction. However, boundaries are important for our kids for a number of reasons. As parents, we are in charge of the overall well-being of our kids. If our kids are going to grow, mature, and thrive with security and self-confidence, they will need borders for us to create.

Here are some reasons why setting boundaries for kids is loving and essential for your family.

We place boundaries on what we love.

The more we love something, the tighter boundaries we put on it. If I have a million dollars in my pocket, I’m going to be much more careful with that wallet than if I just had a dollar. That’s human nature. So, if we love our families, our kids, our wives, we’re going to put boundaries around them, to protect them. It’s a loving thing to do. That’s how I’ve approached boundaries as a father.

The more we love something, the tighter boundaries we put on it.

We have specific roles as dads.

I need to protect my kids, help them grow, and watch over them. Some of that involves setting boundaries so they take care of themselves and I take care of them. As they grow and mature, those boundaries may loosen a bit. But at the beginning it’s important to communicate clearly what is appropriate and what is not. Boundaries are not there to punish or restrict. They are there to protect in a loving way.

We need boundaries too.

It’s important for us to recognize and perhaps communicate to our kids that we need boundaries as well. I am the leader of my family and I need to set boundaries so I don’t do anything to hurt myself or the family.

Sound off: What is the hardest part of setting boundaries for you?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why are boundaries a good thing?”