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who am i really

Who Am I Really?

Who am I really? It's a good question. Some of us find ourselves deep into adulthood and we still don't have a clue; men come home from war, confused about their identity; men marry, settle down, and have kids, all the while wondering what really defines them. Guys work hard at a job, introduce themselves as an engineer, sales rep, or manager, but the moniker says little about who they really are. It doesn't help that we get bombarded—relentlessly—with advertising designed to associate our identity with transportation (manly men drive rugged pickups), beverages, technology, or some other purchase merchandisers want us to believe tells our story. Even our past purchasing patterns are leveraged to build "consumer profiles" that, if we're not careful, begin to define us. Literally millions of American men fall victim to a kind of identity theft. It’s the loss of a clear sense of self, and it happens so easily because most of us simply don’t know that we don’t know. Not knowing leads to confusion, to extra-marital affairs, to disillusionment, to financial stress, to bankruptcy, and to divorce. Who am I? is a question we should all ask, and all begin to understand. Take a look at how you answer these three questions. They say a lot about who we really are and help clarify your identity as a man. . . .

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