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Quotes That Inspire Courage

Jeff Struecker knew he was going to die. He and his convoy of Humvees had just driven through the most intense fire he had ever witnessed. Somali fighters had shot at them from every doorway and rooftop as they moved slowly through the city of Mogadishu to get back to the base. One of their team members, Sgt. Dominick Pilla had been killed. Now he was being told that a Blackhawk helicopter was down in the city and he would have to gather his team and go back out. He began to pray to God for help, knowing that if he went back into the city he wouldn't make it out. It was at that moment that he was approached by fellow soldier Brad Thomas who told him that he had a family and couldn't go again. Although Struecker had been thinking the same thing a moment before, his prayer had been answered. He turned to Thomas and told him that he could decide for himself, however, he said, "The only difference between a hero and a coward is not the fear, but what you do with the fear." Shortly after Struecker got into the Humvee, Thomas grabbed his weapon and bravely, heroically climbed into the vehicle. Struecker's words gave him the courage he needed to overcome his fear. Most of our daily situations are not life-threatening as this was for these brave soldiers. However, we all deal with some kind of fear and need words of encouragement. If you are in need of a word that will help embolden your valor, we would like to help. Here are some quotes that inspire courage. . . .

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