man of steel

3 Character Lessons Man of Steel Can Teach Fathers

Man of Steel recently released and, while we do not endorse bringing your younger children to the film, we would encourage you to consider seeing the movie.  There are some great character lessons to be learned, especially for those that are fathers.

1. Strength.

In this origins story of Superman, we see Clark Kent understand himself and his power through his two fathers.  What if Clark never had a father who cared enough to save him or a dad who didn’t care what Clark’s abilities were on earth? Would he have ever become Superman?  As Clark is searching for why he is so different, he finds a new sense of purpose once he discovers where he comes from.  We see the strength that a dad has in developing their child’s character and morality; this is where Superman finds his true strength.

2. Intentionality.

Without intentionality Superman is just a man who would never capitalize on his superhuman abilities.  His intentionality is what makes him use those abilities for good instead of evil.   He learned this character trait from his father, Jonathan Kent, during teachable moments throughout his life.  Dads, you must be intentional with your children and take the opportunity, when those moments come, to teach your kids the importance of being an intentional person and how that could affect their future.

3. Humility.

In order to keep his powers a secret, Clark must constantly resist the urge to fight back when provoked.  With his superior physical strength, he must humble himself to not cause harm to others or share his secret.  As dads, we must be humble toward our wives and children by not dominating them with our authority but instead seek understanding and humility.

According to this version Clark/Kalel could not have become Superman without his fathers.  Through proper guidance and teaching from them, his power was used for greatness.  We hope this movie helps you recognize the greatness in all of your children and that, through your help and wisdom, you can teach them how to fly.