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Nobody wants their kids to struggle or be labeled as falling behind. Is your young child reading on grade level? Do they struggle making friends? Are they too short? Can they run, jump, or ride a bike without help? You may have some developmental concerns for early elementary-aged kids.

But concerns don’t fade as children grow toward middle school. Can they grasp abstract concepts? Do they weigh too much? Are they sleeping enough? Parents of older kids have things to worry about, too.

Are your kids where they need to be mentally? Are they understanding how to relate to peers, growing their vocabulary, and thinking critically? Do they struggle with depression, anxiety, or a behavioral disorder? You need to know.

Are your kids where they need to be emotionally? Are they asking for attention, being expressive, or differentiating reality from fantasy? Do they struggle with acting out, poor language, or too much screen time? You need to know.

Are your kids where they need to be physically? Are they able to maintain eye contact, show balance, and agility? Do they struggle with endurance, weight gain, or sleep too little? You need to know.

It’s OK to wonder. It’s also OK to not know the answers to these questions yet. All Pro Dad has developed a video series just for you – no matter how old your child is. We break down developmental expectations into easy-to-understand segments. This is not a video series designed to get you to start comparing your child to others. It’s simply a tool to help you measure your child’s physical, emotional, and mental growth against a range of healthy norms we uncovered by researching work done by respected doctors, scientists, and educators. Don’t wonder if your child is on track. Know, by watching and learning from this Child Development series by All Pro Dad.

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Child Development Video Series

The Journey of Growing Up: Exploring Stages of Life in Children K4 - 5th Grade

Growing Together: Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Child's Growth in K4-1st Grade

Building Strong Bodies: The Importance of Physical Benchmarks in 2nd-3rd Grade

Emotional Explorers: Navigating Emotions in
K4-1st Grade

Unlocking Emotional Potential: Nurturing Healthy Development in 2nd - 3rd Grade

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence: The Significance of Emotional Benchmarks in 4th-5th Grade

Unleashing Potential: The Power of Mental and Learning Benchmarks in K4-1st Grade

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Mental and Learning Benchmarks in 2nd - 3rd Grade

Active Bodies, Healthy Minds: The Importance of Physical Benchmarks in 4th-5th Grade