Do I Ever Get Angry? Yes and This is What I Do

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People look at me, especially when I was on the sidelines as a coach, and say,  “He’s cool, he’s calm, he’s collected, does he ever get angry?” They would also hear stories about how I never raised my voice at the team. Well, I can tell you this, my high school and junior high buddies know that that’s not the Tony Dungy they know. I was a hot head in high school. I was a hot head in college, but I learned the ability to keep my emotions under control, particularly controlling anger. But I do get angry and this is what I do about it.

I try to remember what my dad told me when I would get out of control. He would say, “Did that help the situation?” When something gets you upset you have to think about what you can do to improve the situation. Usually, I find that getting angry and venting emotions doesn’t really help. In fact, many times it can make the situation worse. So when I start getting upset I think about what can I do to help the situation and that throws me into thinking ahead instead of reacting with anger.