July Basic Training

Do Their Favorite Thing

My daughter is into dancing, singing, and acting. Those aren’t my favorite things to do. However, spending time with my daughter far outweighs my lack of interest. So, I do her favorite thing.

Spending time with your kids on their level, with their interests, is important. It will help you on your journey to becoming a better dad. That is the primary reason we created All Pro Dad Basic Training. We want to give you small easy habits to create each month.

This month’s basic training is to do your kids’ favorite thing. First, find out what it is—that may be bike riding, running, dancing, or coloring. Here are a few tips on doing their favorite thing when you don’t enjoy, understand, or know how to do it.

1. Ask them what they like and why they like it.

Don’t assume you know what your child’s favorite thing is. Get to know the why behind their favorite things. Maybe you’ll learn something that’ll intrigue you. Most of all, you’ll learn more about your kids. When you do, they’ll know without a doubt that you are interested in them. This is a great building block for future conversations as they go through various things as a kid.

2. Block out time and just do it.

I’m a big proponent of time blocking. I’ve learned that when you don’t time block, you have very little chance of actually getting things done. Sometimes we need to forget everything else, and just do it. Your kids want to spend time with you, and especially doing the things they love, so just do it!

3. Remember it’s about them, not you.

If you are spending time with kids just for your benefit, you have it all wrong. This could lead to you forcing your dreams on them versus letting them pursue their own dreams.