How To Choose a Music Teacher

Choosing a music teacher is like choosing a music instrument to play, there are lots of good ones out there but you aren’t sure which one is right for you. Here are some helpful guidelines in choosing a music teacher.

Here’s How:

1. Get recommendations. Ask family, friends and other reliable sources if they know a good music instructor.

2. Interview the teacher. Inquire about her qualifications, experiences and references. Also, ask about tuition fees, policies, teaching method, and anything relating to the service she’s offering.

3. If possible, ask if you can sit-in during classes or watch recitals. Doing this can help you assess her rapport with other students and how effective her teaching method is.

4. Consider your budget. Remember, some teachers who charge a lower fee are as good as those who charge a higher fee. Also, based on your budget, assess whether you can afford to hire a private tutor or enroll in group instruction. For kids I recommend group instruction as it is more fun for them. While for adults a private tutor seems more suitable especially if you’re balancing a family and career. Private tutors cost more.