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3 Reasons Your Kids Need to See You Pray

I bowed my head and stared at the driveway while my dad prayed before we left. From when I left for college visits to when I arrived to visit with my family back home, my dad has prayed over me many times. He keeps a prayer list in his Bible and my name is on it. I took his prayer life for granted as a kid. Now I see the importance of prayer—and I’m glad I saw him pray.

I’m comforted knowing he still prays for me. His calls and texts remind me of the impact he’s had on me. I’ve known the comfort and guidance of my dad’s prayers most of my life. I want to show the same example to my kids. Here are 3 reasons your kids need to see you pray.

1. Praying shows you need God.

In asking God for things, you’re modeling humility. You’re admitting you need help, that you don’t have the power to do everything, and that’s OK. Your kids can see your faith in action when you pray. You’re showing you believe God can and will take care of what you can’t. Through my dad’s prayers, I saw his need for God—and my own.

2. Praying shows you trust God. 

Not only did my dad pray, but he prayed constantly. No, he hasn’t written a bestselling book about prayer. But I’ve seen his trust in God through his consistent prayers. We must understand that prayer may not make our lives perfect, but we show who we rely on when we pray. When your kids see you asking God to meet your needs, your kids learn you trust Him and that prayer is important. And what else do they learn when their dad trusts God? That God is trustworthy.

3. Praying shows you love God.

I’ve known my dad to wake up at 5 a.m. for as long as I can remember. Growing up, he modeled his love for God in his daily life. When your kids see you carving out time each day to pray, they see what you love. We put time into the relationships that matter to us—when you love others, you spend time with them. Spending time with God shows you love Him.

Jesus promised that if we ask, seek, and knock, God will be there. Your mission as a dad is to teach your kids the importance of prayer by modeling it. So keep asking, seeking, and knocking.

Sound off: Do you pray daily? Why or why not?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What’s one thing I can pray for right now?”