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News Alert: Your Kids Are Not the Center of the Universe

As our kids were growing up, Susan and I always made it a point to schedule date nights together. One night, as Susan and I got ready to go out the door for an evening together, my daughter said, “No, Mom! I want you to stay here.” Instead of agreeing, Susan turned and said, “No honey. Tonight is my night to go out with Daddy.” This was such a simple remark from my wife, but I haven’t been able to forget it. It was encouraging to watch Susan protect our time together.

Many parents make their marriage a top priority. Many parents don’t. Instead, they do everything for their kids to the detriment of their marriage. They help them with things they should do on their own, take them everywhere they want to go, and buy them everything they want. Ultimately, they make their kids think they are the center of the universe. Here are 3 things that will happen when you put your kids first and let them think they are the center of the universe:

1. Your Marriage Will Suffer.

When you pour everything you’ve got—your time, energy, and affections— into the life of your child, you have nothing but leftovers to give to your spouse. It’s so important to invest in your marriage. No matter how many different directions your kids pull you in, your kids will be served best when they see that their parents spend time with and care for one another.

2. Your Child Will Suffer.

When you treat your child like they are the center of the universe, they will begin to think they are the center of the universe. As a result, they’ll become self-absorbed, develop an entitlement mindset, and have a demanding attitude.

When you treat your child like they are the center of the universe, they will begin to think they are.It creates a false sense of reality for your child. They’ll experience a rude awakening as they venture into the real world on their own. And when life is all about them, they won’t experience the joy of loving and helping others.

The Secret to Raising Selfless Kids may help you in parenting your children.

3. Your Child’s Relationships Will Suffer.

Finally, when your child believes they are the center of the universe, they will treat others with disdain and contempt. They will be selfish in their friendships, prideful in group accomplishments, and needy in their future marriage. Avoid letting your child’s relationships suffer by demonstrating and teaching them what it means to be kind, considerate, and compassionate.


Huddle up with your kids and ask, “If you could travel to any planet, where would you go?”