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Things You Must Do to Get Back to a School Routine

The summer days and nights can be pretty unpredictable for our family. We always get excited about “summer break” (even though we are a homeschool family we still take summer break). But we soon realize our summers are shorter than we expect and can be downright hectic.

In summer our schedules get less predictable, we have things to do, trips to take, and all kinds of other stuff. And our kids cannot seem to understand why they have to go to bed when it’s still sunny out. By the time it’s back to school time we are relieved and ready for a regular school routine.

Here are 6 things that must be a part of your regular routine when it’s back to school time.

One of the best routines for getting things back on track is a bedtime routine.

1. A solid bedtime routine.

We find over the summer it is very easy to get out of all of our routines. But one of the best routines for getting things back on track is our bedtime routine. It impacts our kids’ sleep. The time they wake up and get the next day started is crucial to the rest of the day. You must reestablish and be consistent with this.

2. Family meals at the dinner table.

We still do this pretty regularly throughout the summer, but we can get lax and do the tray meals where we sit in front of the TV occasionally. But having a couple family meals together each day will allow that settle-down time to become part of your routine. Meals together at our kitchen table can provide a reset for us.

3. Clean-out, clothes, and toy drive.

One of the best way to establish order is to clean up and cleanout. As you are getting back into a routine it’s a good idea to clean up and clean out things. Get rid of old clothes, toys, and items then take them to Goodwill. Decluttering can save time when looking for stuff and give you clarity and peace of mind.

4. Family meeting and goal discussion.

As back to school time approaches, it’s great to sit down and review your family and individual goals for the year, your summer goals and discuss goals for the kids for the upcoming school year. This will help you focus on what you all want to accomplish, and get your mind geared toward the actions it’ll take.

5. Get involved with your kids’ school.

For the past several years I’ve been an All Pro Dad Team Captain at our kids’ school. Our kids love it! If they aren’t looking forward to anything else, they are looking forward to our monthly breakfast with their friends and their dads at school for All Pro Dad’s Day. This is a great way to establish a routine each school year. They love getting to bed on time when dad’s day is in the morning!

6. Celebrate.

Celebrate the beginning of another school year and the fact that your kids are a year older and a grade higher. It’s an exciting time that can be fun and exciting if you make it that way. Ending the summer with a back to school pool party or an “entering ## grade” party would be a great way to do so.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are you most excited (or concerned) about this school year?”