Last Minute Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Dads are famous for leaving shopping to the last minute. It’s a man thing; we understand. Part of the problem is being busy, some comes from lack of forethought, and we all know guys love “the thrill of the chase.”

Regardless of the “whys,” what counts this time of the year is, “How do I get out of this mess?” and “Does All Pro Dad have any ideas to help me?”

Why yes, thanks for asking. All Pro Dad’s team of shopping experts has scoured their brains, and the Internet, for a few solutions to your dilemma.

Here are some last minute gift ideas for friends and family:

1. Kids.

We recommend staying away from all those expensive gadgets. Try these 8 great alternatives to electronic gifts.

2. Family and Friends.

Gift-baskets are well received and often affordable. From muffins, to fruit, to cheeses, to fancy breads and spreads, spread the cheer and always look for “free delivery.”

3. Office Gift Exchange.

There’s a lot you can do for $25 or less. Gift baskets, gift cards to favorite coffee stops, inspirational books, movie passes, live plants, a copy of your favorite holiday story, or some seasonal music.

4. Wife.

Don’t give her a household appliance. Instead, plan the perfect date together. Include gift cards and exact details. Try a scarf made from a luxurious fabric. How about fine leather gloves? Or tickets to a show she’s always wanted to see? Maybe you can design a photo book reflecting your family’s year together.

5. Grandma and Grandpa.

Frame some of your child’s art, or create a family photo book. Plan a fun night out with the family. Give them tickets to see the grandchildren perform in the next recital, play, or ballgame.

On a final note, if you’re tempted to make an impulsive purchase for yourself while you’re out, do your best to resist. Why risk spoiling a gift plan already hatched by your wife or kids?

Do you know what your mom wants for Christmas? Then, after you’ve taken notes, ask them to share why they enjoy giving gifts more than receiving gifts themselves.