love letters for her

Love Notes Your Wife Wants to Receive

One of my favorite movies from the eighties is Three Amigos. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short play phony heroes set out to save a town from a bully named El Guapo and his gang. On their way to meet El Guapo they are riding horseback through the desert. With the sun pounding them, exhausted and dehydrated, they slow their horses for a rest. Steve Martin opens his canteen, desperate for water, only to receive a few drops. Next, Martin Short makes the same motion only to have sand pour out all over his mouth. Finally, Chevy Chase’s canteen pours out so much refreshing water he eventually throws the un-emptied canteen on the desert floor spilling the remainder of water. Meanwhile, the other two characters can only stare at him incredulously.

If words of love were like water in a desert, which one of these characters would your wife be? Does she get a couple of drops occasionally? Does she get abrasive words like sand or does she get an overflow of loving words from you? You should definitely speak those words; however, if you write love letters for her she will have it forever. Here are types of love notes your wife wants to receive.

How You Feel About Her

Our wives want to know our feelings. It helps us connect and stirs their emotion. Tell her what you love about her. You may even need to think back to the beginning of your relationship.

Appreciation For All She Does

Think about all of the ways she serves you and the kids. Then make a list of those things. Let her know what you appreciate about her. Communicate why her loving acts of service for you and the kids are so meaningful.

The Type of Person She Is

Our wives need to hear us tell them the value they bring to the world. This doesn’t mean their good deeds, although you can include those. This is more the personality traits like humor, selflessness, gentleness, courage, boldness, etc., that make her who she is. Write her a note maybe highlighting one of these and why it is so wonderful.

Her Physical Beauty

Let your wife know that she still draws your heart and your eyes.Think about the first time you looked at your wife and thought she was beautiful. Remember the excitement in the physical attraction you felt for her. Then write about it. What drew you in? After that, focus on what makes her beautiful now. Women are so hard on their appearance. Let your wife know that she still draws your heart and your eyes.

The Type of Mother She Is

I haven’t met one mom yet who doesn’t want to be the best mom they can be. They are so critical of themselves. She needs to hear someone tell her how and why she’s a great mom to your children. There is no one better to tell her than you.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why do you think it is important to tell people how we feel?”