5 Tips for Making a Family Movie Night Easier for Her

The house is a mess.  The stack of laundry has been getting bigger rather than smaller.  The kids have been difficult and Mom’s temper has been rising steadily.  Every time she makes headway, the kids create a new mess for her to clean.  She hasn’t even been able to change out of her pajamas.  That’s normally when I get home from work—cheerful and in a good mood.  My greeting conveys that and then I see the look on her face. You know the look I’m talking about right?  DEFCON 4: She’s about to lose it.

Battle stations!  This is not a drill. She needs a break. It’s time to give her a night out. Give her the night she deserves. Take care of the kids and the details so she doesn’t have to do anything.  And when it’s time to go to the movies, here are 5 Tips for Making a Family Night at the Movies Easier for Her.

1. Pregame.

What will make your kids behave during the movie? Whether it is a good nap so they are rested or playing hard beforehand so they’re ready to sit, be sure to take care of it that day. Prepare the kid supply backpack/diaper bag.  Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything. Think of every possible need your children could have or disaster they could create and be prepared.

2. Dressed and Ready.

Pick out the kids’ clothes and get them ready.  Brush their hair. You’re going to the movies so you want them to be comfortable, but also presentable. Note: If your wife is like mine, she’ll probably change the outfits you choose, but you will get credit for the effort.

3. Bathroom.

Take your kids to the bathroom before the movie starts and also when it ends. Let her relax while you take the privilege of parenthood’s most glorious task. Latex gloves and goggles may be required.   

4. Popcorn and Drinks.

Save some money. Get the large refillable popcorn and ask the concession stand for a couple of smaller bags (or bring them from home). This way each kid will have their own bag.  I always fill their juice cups with water at the water fountain, but you can always get a Gatorade (or smuggle their favorite drink) to splash in to give flavor.  Get everyone set up and then go right back and get more popcorn in the original bag.

5. End Strong.

When arriving home, let her relax with her favorite drink and chocolates while you put the kids to bed. After all of that, I’d be surprised if you weren’t rewarded. Actually, she’ll probably fall asleep.  It’s her night after all, not yours. But, Father’s Day is coming!

Huddle up with your kids tonight and plan a night out for your wife.