My 10-Year Personal Goals

People often ask what my personal goals are for the next couple of years. What else would I like to accomplish? What would I like to do? From a career standpoint in football, I am very satisfied. I have no regrets in terms of what I would like to accomplish athletically. There’s nothing I look at and think to myself that I would like to return to coaching. That is never going to happen. However, there are things I really enjoy doing and are my goals for the next 10 years.

Much of the next ten years will be focused on watching my kids and helping them grow. That is a given. However, what I want to focus on in the next ten years as well is helping other people. I will be doing that by speaking to young people and churches. I want to lend my expertise and teach how to take a team and build a unit that works cohesively together. I will be focused on helping other people reach their goals in life, and specifically, be involved in the work of my church.