My Basic List of Virtues for My Kids

The competing views of success in our world often create an interesting tension. Society tends to define success in terms of accomplishment and awards, material possessions, and profit margins. In the football business, winning was everything, sometimes at any cost. As a father, it’s good to have a basic list of virtues to focus on that provide a direction for our kids that keep them on the right path. When it comes to my family, there are these two.

Honor God

I tell them that He needs to be their number one priority. As the Creator of life, He knows how best to live. Focusing on Him and His will makes us into people of honesty and integrity.

Treat Others Well

The second one is about how they treat other people. They need to be dependable, helpful, and trustworthy. Their future is going to be determined by whether or not they are the type of person others want to be around.


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