parenting issues

My Most Difficult Parenting Issues

My oldest daughter is 30. I’ve had a lot of years of parenting, but I feel like I am just now learning how to do it well. No matter how long you’ve been parenting, it will never be smooth sailing. There will always be some challenges.

There is no perfect parenting strategy and we all make mistakes. If you’ve fallen short, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the running for being a good parent. But of all the issues parents face, these 2 are especially tough.

Spending Time with Each Child

I have nine children and spending a good amount of time with each of them can be a challenge. It’s important to be intentional in spending quality time with each one and learning their hot button issues. It takes thoughtfulness and active listening.

Finding Balance Between Home and Work

This has always been difficult. You have to earn income and support your family. However, when you realize that the time you spend at home is most important, it has an impact on how you approach that time. My main focus is being present and available to my family as much as possible when I am off of work. It can be easy to let the mind wander to other pressing responsibilities. I always concentrate on blocking everything else out when I am with my family.

Sound off: What are your most difficult parenting issues?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What has been your favorite one-on-one activity with me?”