how to have a better marriage

How to Have a Better Marriage in 15 Minutes a Day

As husbands and dads living in 2015, our lives are busy and sometimes hectic. We have careers, family commitments, community and church activities and a host of other things pulling from our time every day. Finding time can be difficult, almost impossible.

In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. If you you sleep 6-8 hours each day, that means you are awake roughly 1,000 minutes each day. How much of those minutes are you spending with your wife? What if I told you that you can drastically improve your marriage in just 15 minutes each day. Yes, spending a mere 1% of your day can help you have a better marriage.

My friends Dustin and Bethany used 15 minutes per day to do just that and they transformed their marriage. It had such a huge impact that they wrote a book about it, the 15-Minute Marriage Makeover. Below are 5 things I learned from the book that will help you do a makeover to your marriage in just 15 minutes a day.

1. Make time for it.

As mentioned, we all have about 1,000 minutes per day. The first thing you should do is put 15 minutes into your schedule as your designated time. Discuss with your wife, pull out your calendars, and block that time off.

2. Guard your time like Ft. Knox.

Most of the U.S. gold reserves are stored in a fortified vault that is located in the middle of a U.S. Army base. It’s very unlikely someone is going to take anything from there. Treat your 15 minutes the same. Guard it from any and everything that can stop it.

3. Start talking.

Initially, don’t have an agenda. Just talk and listen. Be sure to give your wife as much, if not more, time to share and talk. Be attentive to everything she says. Ask more questions than making statements early on. Use it to learn more about your spouse.

4. Fight, if necessary.

Conflict isn’t bad. In fact, it can be a building block for your marriage.It can be easy to avoid or cancel your 15 minutes if there is some conflict brewing. But if you have to fight (disagree), then disagree. Conflict isn’t bad. In fact, it can be a building block for your marriage. So use that 15 minutes to fight if needed.

5. Play and have fun.

Your 15 minutes each day doesn’t have to just be talking or fighting. Play some games and enjoy one another. When is the last time you’ve played a board game or even video game with your wife? Use your allotted time to do that.

Spending 15 minutes per day can change your marriage forever. Make the time, spend the time, enjoy the time, and watch your marriage get better. So when will your 15 minutes per day be?


Huddle up with your wife and ask her can we set aside at least 15 minutes per day for couple time.