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5 Ways to Overcome Your Greatest Parenting Challenges

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Jake was a good kid from a wonderful family. He had two parents who loved him, supported him, and spent time with him. They raised him with morals and consideration for others. Jake was smart, popular, good looking, a star athlete, and wealthy. That’s why it was so shocking when police cars showed up one day to arrest him for setting fire to several public buildings. His parents were blindsided, destroyed, and confused.

Sometimes life hits hard, especially as a parent. Have you ever had really tough parenting challenges that have led to major family issues? The type of challenges that you really don’t know you can handle or bounce back from? Sometimes, it may be you who made the bad choice and now your family is paying for it. We are all human and always one bad decision away from turmoil. How do you overcome your greatest parenting challenges?  Here are 5 ways.

1. Don’t beat yourself up.

“Where did I go wrong?” “How could I have let this happen?” “I am such a failure!” Stop right there. What’s done is done and mentally beating yourself up will not change what happened.

Turn your energy toward something you control that will have a positive result.

2. Focus on something good.

What good can result? What can you do with what you have right in this moment? Turn your energy toward something you control that will have a positive result.

3. Use it to get better.

There is an opportunity to get better in all situations. Sometimes, it is hard to see how—but make every effort to learn and grow from the good and bad experiences you have in parenting. Even the toughest family issues can teach us some of life’s most important lessons.

4. Look for the lesson and pass it on.

I have learned that when I look at something with the intent of teaching it to someone else, I learn more. Search for teachable moments so that as you learn, you can teach your kids.

5. Give it to God in prayer.

There are some things we can’t understand. We can search for the lesson and ask questions of others. But turning to God in prayer will give us peace about it and free us from the burden of attempting to fix something it isn’t our job to fix.

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Sound off: What has been your biggest parenting challenge?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are some factors to think through before deciding to do something?”