Overcoming Obstacles and Setbacks in Your Life

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I remember well the cold rainy night I went to my office at One Buccaneer Place after being fired following my sixth season as head coach. It was late and the place was empty. There were a ton of thoughts that entered my mind. I thought about the men I had coached alongside and the good times we had together. I tried to think about the success we had, but that all seemed hollow. I had no idea at the time what the future would hold. I thought the Bucs were my last chance at being a head coach in the NFL and the door was now closed.

Life is really easy when everything is going as planned. Unfortunately, that is not life. Normally there are setbacks and ups and downs. The big thing about succeeding is how you handle the down periods. The question is that when you have a setback how do you keep going. This is how I work on overcoming obstacles and setbacks in my life.

Inspiration from The Bible

When I am going through something difficult, I always turn to stories in the Bible. I see a lot of men and women who had to overcome great obstacles and ended up doing tremendous things. Although it certainly didn’t look like it was going to turn out that way. I often look at life like a movie. You may take a snapshot in the middle when things don’t look good, but you have to wait and see what happens at the end.

Focus on the End Game

That’s where I find my motivation. I think about the final destination rather than a setback. Try yo make the situation better and focus on where the story is going to end up. Something that is a giant leap forward could be right around the corner.