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Ep. 30 – What Small Moves Can Improve Your Marriage?

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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “What small moves can improve your marriage?”

Think about aiming for but barely missing a target far in the distance. You don’t need to drastically shift your focus. Slight adjustments will get you back on the mark. The same approach can work in marriage. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, and Buck Buchanan have been married for nearly 60 years collectively. On today’s episode, the trio shares a few “micro moves” to help improve your marriage.

Marriage is about lifelong partnership. As Pastor Kris Langham puts it, “Marriage, at its best, is beautiful beyond words. At its worst, it’s a train wreck—with lots of casualties. Marriage can be the source of our greatest joys or at the core of our deepest hurts. Or it can be both, or neither, or all over the place.” Sometimes, when we hit a rough patch, we need a little help to build our most cherished relationships back up. That’s where today’s conversation takes us.

Now, we’re not saying these are the only things that will improve your marriage, but we think it’s a good list to get you started. Check out these 12 “micro moves.”

  1. 1. Be nice.
  2. 2. Don’t say everything you think.
  3. 3. Pick up after yourself.
  4. 4. Don’t mention your wife’s messiness.
  5. 5. Hug your wife without the goal of initiating sex.
  6. 6. Don’t get frustrated with your wife’s mistakes.
  7. 7. Ask your wife how she is doing, and listen to the answer.
  8. 8. Don’t be on your phone during mealtime.
  9. 9. Pay attention when your wife is talking.
  10. 10. Enjoy your wife’s humor whether it’s funny or not.
  11. 11. Leave your wife a Post-It note of gratitude.
  12. 12. Do a chore your wife dislikes.

Bottom line:
The sum total of your micro moves equals the condition of your marriage.

Today’s Pro Move: Choose just one of the 12 “micro moves,” and focus on doing it this week.

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