Pride and Confidence: A Fine Line



“Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth—a stranger not your own lips.” Proverbs 27:2

More and more, as new players come into the league each year, I see what appears to be—for lack of a better descriptor—a “look at me” attitude. These attitudes are driven into our guys by the belief that the more “SportsCenter moments” they have, the more they will be worth to their team—and the more money they’ll get. Guys will justify their attitudes by saying that if they don’t blow their own horns, nobody will.

As a society, we claim that we like the quiet, humble athlete, but in reality, those aren’t the guys who get the focus. There’s a problem with this. Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction.” Time and time again we see examples where the fine line between confidence and pride has been blurred, resulting in fall after fall. Pride is all about me, but confidence is the realization the God has given me abilities and created me to fill a unique role that no one else is called to fill. This is the role that will help my team and impact others.

I appreciate that form of humility; it’s not a false modesty claiming that what you accomplished or who you are isn’t important, but a realization that God created all of us, including you, with unique gifts and abilities.  Once you understand this, it becomes so much easier to let go of status or false ideas of respect.


Source: Uncommon