5 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids in the Classroom

We all know a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. It is, perhaps, the most underestimated trait for true long-term success. Train your children to have generosity as their default setting, starting with their peers at school.

Here are 5 Acts of Kindness Your Kids Can Do for Their Classmates:

1. Be an encourager

Teach your children to encourage their peers, recognize friends’ achievements, say, “Have a great game,” compliment a cool project, say, “I hope you feel better” when they’re sick, and smile when they do well.

2. Stand alongside other kids when they’re alone

Simple proximity is an act of kindness. When a peer is sad, encourage your child to sidle up into the vicinity, sit at the same table, or join them in line. Nothing complicated; just deliberate presence.

3. Listen when they have a story (and laugh at their jokes)

Listening is a kindness. Train your children in active listening skills. Paying attention to peers is a powerful act of kindness.

4. Watch out for the weak and the bullied

Some kids are victimized, awkward, or simply incompetent. Teach your child to be an advocate for the oppressed. Sometimes the favor of just one other child will tip the balance for a kid who might otherwise become a perpetual victim.

5. Pick a variety of kids for the team

This is a powerful one if your child is popular (of course they are!). Teach your child to include everyone, regardless of ability, when teams are chosen. Not just the least popular, but everyone. Train your child to accept every kid in their class as worthy of their time and attention.

“The kindest thing a classmate did for me growing up was ____. I say that because ____.”