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Say Thank You to Your Kids

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“Thank you”

Those two words are some of the most powerful words you can say to your kids. My guess is we can all say that a little more. And I’m not talking about only when they do something you’ve asked them to do. I’m talking about thanking them just for being them.

I try to say it to my kids as much as possible, and when I do, the smile on their face can light up a city block. When I say it to our 8-year-old, he seems to be part surprised, part flattered, but most of all, loved. It’s important to let your kids know you are thankful for them in your lives and that you appreciate your family.

My life wouldn’t be the same without my kids. They need to know that. Sometimes our reactions to the things our kids do, or even the sacrifices we make for them, can make it look like they are a distraction. They aren’t and we need to communicate that consistently. For this month’s basic training, here are 5 ways to say thank you to your kids for being your kids.

1. Just say it.

As dads, sometimes, it’s tough to find the right words. “Thank you” are two powerful words you can say to your kids.

2. Give a card or gift.

Some dads are better putting words on paper, or even in gift form. Do a random act of thanks and give your kids something that says I appreciate you.

3. Get physical.

My love language is physical touch and at least one of our three kids share the same love language. When I hug him, high five him, give him a fist bump, or anything physical, he feels loved and appreciated. Try it with your kids.

4. Do something.

Sometimes saying thanks is helping them complete a task they are struggling with. Or even relieving them of the task. This small act can let them know you are thankful for them and their effort and you want to show it by helping complete it.

5. Hang out with them.

Our daughter loves to just hangout with either one of us. Thanking her can be as simple as just spending some quality alone time, where she gets all of us.

No matter how you say thank you to your kids, just say it. Saying thank you can come in many different forms. It doesn’t matter how you say — the important thing is you do say it.

Huddle up with your kids and say “One reason I am thankful for you is _____________________.”