enemy of man

The 7 Enemies of Man

The surest way to fail is to develop bad habits. Wherever we find trouble in our lives, a detrimental root cause stems from the common enemies we face. No man is immune to this ongoing battle but the wisest seek to identify their enemies and find out how to conquer them. Our marriages, families, careers, and friendships depend on this.

Knowing who your enemy is provides a path to freedom from it.

Perhaps you are addicted to porn. Maybe your marriage is falling apart and you don’t know how to save it. For some, finances are spinning out of control. Whatever is afflicting you, the cause is your enemy. Knowing who your enemy is provides a path to freedom from it. Which of these seven enemies do you face?


I was a child when our culture switched to the “Me Generation.” We are taught to be self-focused and to live behind the facades we create. The result is a culture of adult children who lack conflict resolution skills, moral fortitude, and the ability to commit to higher callings—who are too proud to notice.


We use envy to manipulate people. We are never satisfied with our own portion. Not our jobs, our marriages, our families. Envy tells us that as long as somebody else has it better, what we have will never suffice.


Gluttony is a lack of self-control, borne in our insecurities and fears. Instead of facing our pain, we numb it, using copious amounts of food, beverage, or stuff. But the pain always comes back. Saying no to the excess creates space in which we can deal with our problems and find healing from the pain they cause.


Lust destroys souls. Men are bombarded constantly by the stimuli of lust. We are not always responsible for what we see—some images are unavoidable. But we are called to control the thoughts and actions that follow. We are created to love, not to lust, and love is about giving yourself to another. Lust is taking from another out of selfish desire.


Anger can cause a lot of damage. The small children crying in the hallway as their parents rage against each other. The wife afraid to go home because of what her husband will do to her. The man who faces the wrath of a bitter woman. Anger without self-control is like a tank running through a straw house.


All the clichés about money apply here and we all know them well. Money is rightly called a “necessary evil.” No man reading this (or writing it) doesn’t need money. But we can decide how much of a priority we place upon it. And we can control the grip it holds on us. True wealth is never gained from greed.


Laziness in both our physical and spiritual lives leads us to bad places. Bad health, depression, unfulfilled potential—the list is endless. Get up, put your pants on, and live the day. Sloth is conquered by determination.

Sound off: In what ways have these enemies affected your own life?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What makes you angry?”