The Big Challenge For Me as a Dad

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Preparing for games as an NFL coach is a tremendous challenge. Each week brings a different team with players of excellent and unique talents. It’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent when crafting a game plan.

Fatherhood also brings with it a lot of challenges. When people find out that I have ten children, I am usually asked what is the most challenging thing. Similar to coaching, for me, this is the big challenge for me as a dad.

Different Treatment

Each child is different. A parent cannot treat each child the same. They must be treated according to their needs. You have to think about the best way you can help each individual child. Ultimately, it might involve coming up with ten different game plans and ten different ways of doing things.

“That’s Not Fair!”

The tough part is that each child notices how you treat the others, expecting the exact same thing. But what I have learned is that fair is not necessarily equal. It is doing what is best for that child. A parent must observe and have knowledge of each child. It is a balancing act that takes time and investment. And it is definitely my biggest challenge as a dad.