The No. 1 Pitfall That Keeps You From Being a Great Dad


When I was coaching in the NFL, I learned about a lot of things that can bring a team down. One of the biggest is complacency. As a team, we had to stay vigilant about our goals, and we had to work to improve every day. When complacency trickled in, we had to recognize it and take the initiative to overcome it.

In fatherhood, we find similar pitfalls—things that will keep you from being a great dad. For me, this is the No. 1 pitfall that keeps a man from being a great dad.


This affects all of us. We all have times in our lives, whether because of our jobs or projects we’re working on, that cause us to be super busy. Before you know it, a day has passed, or several, and you haven’t connected with your kids. And they sense that distance.

Be on the lookout for those times so you can do something different. When you’re busy, stop and schedule time with your kids. That effort will make you a great dad.

Sound off: What are some other pitfalls that you deal with or have overcome to be a great dad?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one thing you’d like for us to do together?”