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10 Things to Consider for Your Daughter’s Blessing Ceremony

As our daughter’s 13th birthday quickly approaches, my wife and I are gathering ideas and beginning to plan for a blessing ceremony to celebrate this milestone birthday for her. When we first began to discuss, we knew we wanted to do something special but had no clue what. Then we got the idea of a blessing ceremony.

It was foundational for us and provided a great guide. Now it is time for us to make it personal and very unique for our daughter. Below are the things we are considering, and you should consider, as you begin to plan and prepare for your child’s blessing ceremony.

1. Consider your first thoughts.

What did you think when you found out you were expecting a daughter? What were your first thoughts or words when you first laid eyes on her? It may seem like yesterday, and still fresh in your mind. Thinking of this will set the table for you as you prepare to bless your daughter with a wonderful ceremony.

2. Consider why you are doing a blessing ceremony.

What will recognizing your daughter’s passing from childhood to young lady do for her? What will be used to establish her identity during and through this transition and her purpose going forward? A blessing ceremony will help you recognize this time of your daughter’s life, and help her identify a positive purpose for her life.

3. Consider the blessing your daughter is to you.

How has being a dad to your daughter blessed you? In what ways has your life changed? Be prepared to let her know how much greater your life has been since she came into it. Prepare to show and tell her she is indeed a blessing from God.

4. Consider your fondest moments with your daughter.

What are some wonderful times you’ve spent together? Why were these times so special? Find pictures, keepsakes, reminders of these times to bring back the thoughts and emotions of these moments for you both. Collect them and share them during the ceremony.

5. Consider your daughter’s special qualities and how she impacts other’s lives.

How is your daughter unique? What talents, skills, and gifts has God given her? How does she use them to positively impact those around her? Remind your daughter how important she is to you and other people, and how she provides so much value to others in her life.

6. Consider influential people in your daughter’s life.

Who is part of the village helping raise your daughter? Who pours into her their life experience? And who is going through similar experiences as her? Finally, who is learning from her experiences? This is your “village.” Invite older women (grandmas, aunts, family friends) you would consider positive mentors. Invite your child’s closest friends, and if you have younger children allow them to be a part of the experience too.

7. Consider what you want your daughter to take from this ceremony.

How do you want this ceremony to be remembered? What words do you want her to carry with her as she grows into a young woman? Encourage your daughter and use the ceremony to help equip her as she experiences the good and bad of life.

8. Consider a gift or token to symbolize the moment.

What token will you present to your daughter that will hold special meaning as the physical representation of this moment in your daughter’s life? Focus more on meaning than money, as it doesn’t have to be expensive.

9. Consider a scripture or promises you are believing for her.

Remind your daughter how important she is to you and other people, and how she provides so much value to others in her life.Is there a verse, promise, or quote that you are praying or believing for your daughter’s life? Think truth, knowledge, and wisdom. Something that will guide your daughter through her journey in life. Write them down to give to her.

10. Consider the format of the ceremony.

What exactly will take place? Where is a special place to her in which to perform the ceremony? Choose a place where you can be intimate, and enjoy a meal. Write out the format to use as your guide during the ceremony.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “You are so special to me. One reason I love you so much is ______________.”