Time in a Bottle

In the year 2007 a group of children will embark on the trip of a lifetime. Their journey will begin as they board canoes at the south end of the Oklawaha River. From there they will wind their way through the rustic landscape of the Ocala National Forest. Their destination will be a campsite that their fathers used ten years ago. As they paddle between the murky banks of the river populated by great white herons and basking alligators this band of adventurers will have one thing on their minds … buried treasure! Accompanied by their dads, these explorers equipped with shovels and maps, will unearth a capsule entombed by their parents ten years previously. The “treasure” that awaits them includes: old coins, class rings, first pocket knives, family heirlooms, messages from their parents, and unique gifts.

This idea came to Tim Stone, Charles Bell and me one morning at our regular breakfast meeting. Charles, on our latest expedition on the Oklawaha, had read, The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe. This story of buried treasure combined with our desire to focus on the most important things in life sparked the idea of, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we put together a time capsule for our children and hid it out on the river, then returned years later with them?” So we did. And I tell you, I will be as excited as those youngsters when the time comes to unearth our labor and gift of love to our children. What a time that will be!  Begin traditions, spend time wisely, bury some treasure.