6 Tips on How to Overcome When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Almost all of us have too much on our plate. We may accomplish a lot, but it seems like the pile never gets any smaller or the list gets any shorter. In that moment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, shares his thoughts on productivity and how to overcome when you feel overwhelmed by your workload.

“I often write and speak on workload management. But even I occasionally get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests and assignments. I’m in such a state right now.

In the last week I’ve attended board meetings for three different companies. Two were out of town. In addition, I have spoken publicly five times and am right in the middle of reviewing the copy-edited manuscript for my new book.

That doesn’t even count the 669 e-mails I have received in the last week. (Yes, that’s the exact count as of 10 minutes ago. It only represents the ones that have come through to my private account.) No wonder I feel overwhelmed!

But I’ll bet your life is no different. The reality is all of us have more work than we can possibly do. When you add to this the demands of regular exercise, family, church, civic duties, and some semblance of a social life, it becomes impossible.”

To read the six tips to help you overcome, visit http://michaelhyatt.com/when-you-feel-overwhelmed-by-your-workload.html.