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Top 5 Barriers Single Fathers Face and How to Overcome Them

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—but that’s only if we apply the right tools to challenges in life and learn how to conquer them. I have faced all the examples I’m going to list for you. Some I have pushed through with relative ease, and others are still a work in progress.

We all experience challenges in life, but here are 5 barriers that single fathers face and how to overcome them.

1. The Unnaturalness of Single Parenting

I believe parenting was created as a two-person system. When one parent is removed from the equation for whatever reason, the full burden falls on the other. You may be caring for your kids completely alone or perhaps with shared custody. Either way, surrounding yourself and your children with other healthy adults to help fill in the gaps is wise. If appropriate, is there a woman who can help mentor your growing daughter? Perhaps there are others you can trust to help carry the weight of childcare, transportation, or other daily needs.

2. Mom and the Courts

Yup, I’m going there. The reality is there are plenty of great dads being hindered by spiteful moms and biased courts. The pain and frustration can cause a downward spiral that can quickly get out of control if not checked early. Whether your situation with Mom ever gets easier, or if the court order doesn’t change, I highly encourage you to remain focused on one thing: parenting your children to the absolute best of your ability for the sake of their longterm growth.

3. Father Wounds

For better or worse, our fathers have a major impact on the ways we view ourselves and the ways we parent our children. Perhaps your own father did not give you his best because he was always working or he wasn’t a generally affectionate man. Are you living with scars from his words or lack of presence in your life? Despite any emotional roadblocks your father left for you, you can make sure you don’t leave the same in your kids’ lives. Who can you talk with to begin the healing process now and be free from this barrier once and for all?

4. Failure to Adjust With Your Children

OK, this could be said for many parents. It seems just as we are getting used to a certain age and behavior level, our kids move on to the next stage in life! Anytime we are not intentional about adjusting to our children’s growing emotional and physical needs, we risk falling short in parenting. Extracurricular activities (and their growing social lives) only add to the urgency. If a single father is proactive in his children’s lives and makes the necessary adjustments, it will reap long-term benefits and help establish his children as healthy adults.

5. Distance

Whether or not by choice, physical distance between you and your children may seem strenuous or confusing. Can you really parent from a distance? Yes! Dad, your words and influence will always carry great weight in your kids’ lives. Stay connected to their school, and encourage them to stay on top of their work. Tell them how much you love and miss them, and express influence by encouraging them to behave for their mom. Ask the tough life questions—no different than if you were living with them. I think it is fair to say that a father who is parenting correctly from a great distance can be more effective than a dad who lives with his children but is uninvolved or emotionally distant.

Sound off: What barriers have you faced as a single father, and how have you handled them?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “How do you respond when you have a problem?”