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Valentine’s Family Game Show

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Playing games is a great opportunity to bond, but it is also a chance to get to know your kids better. A couple months ago, our family started having a weekly game night. Ever since it has been my kids’ favorite night of the week. Every other day they will ask if that day is game night. Playing games is a great opportunity to bond, but it is also a chance to get to know your kids better.

We have a Valentine’s game that is fun but will also help everyone in your family learn what brings each other joy. Here’s how it’s played.

Read the instructions below and use the question below the post. Get ready for some winning fun!

You will need:

  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Candy Conversation Hearts (50 individual hearts)

(If you don’t have candy hearts, you can use other small Valentine candies or chocolate chips!)

Preparation Time15 Minutes

1. Getting Ready

  • Print out your list of Valentine’s Family Game questions (questions are below the post). But don’t let your kids see them!
  • Next, look over the instructions, start the game, and love well! (P.S. If you’ve ever heard of that old TV game show, The Newlywed Game, this family game is a lot like that one!)
  • Then, give each person plenty of blank paper and a pen or pencil for writing their answers.

2. Sweet Talk

  • Gather everyone together as you pour your candy hearts (or other candies) into a bowl.
  • While you do that, tell your children that one way to show love is to take an interest in what brings others joy. By learning this, your children will know how to brighten their siblings’ and parents’ day.

3. Begin the Game!

  • One person, the first contestant, will leave the room and go to a place where they can’t hear what the others are saying.
  • While that person is gone, another will act as the Master or Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) and read the questions.
  • The MC will read the first question for Contestant One.
  • Each player will write a number 1 and then write their answer on a sheet of paper.
  • The MC will then read the second question for Contestant One.
  • Each player, using a fresh sheet of paper, will write a number 2 and then write their answer.
  • The MC will read the third question and the players will follow the answering step above.
  • Once the three questions are completed, the person who left the room returns.
  • Now the MC asks the questions again, with Contestant One giving his or her answers.
  • After each question, the players hold up the piece of paper with their answer so everyone can see who got it right.
  • Each player takes a candy heart from the bowl for each response they guessed right.
  • Another player becomes the MC and another contestant leaves the room. Follow this pattern until everyone has a turn to be the contestant.

4. Declare the Winners!

  • After the last person has taken a turn, everyone counts their candy hearts. The person with most is declared the winner.

5. Candy Hugs

  • For added fun, take turns having each person read aloud the sayings on their candy hearts. (You might want to prescreen them, just in case.)
  • Before you leave the game room, everyone gives each other a hug and says one thing they learned that brings each other joy.

Some Final Thoughts…

  • By this time, you will have shared some laughs and fostered kindness in your family. We noticed that the children really loved learning new things about each other too!
  • To encourage even more thinking about how to learn to love others well, check out the links below.
  • Take the Love Language Quiz. There’s one for kids and grown-ups. This fun quiz determines what communicates love for each member of your family.

Sound off: What are your favorite family games?


Game Questions


1. What would _____________________ rather have for a sweet treat?
Candy Bar
Cotton Candy

2. _____________________ would jump at the chance to:
Swim with dolphins
Go horseback riding
Drive a real race car

3. Where would _____________________ choose to travel?
Disney World
The North Pole


1. _____________________ would love it most if we…
Did their chores
Did fun things together all day
Waited on them all day

2. _____________________ would rather get…
A big hug
A standing ovation
A gift card

3. If _____________________ could be any movie character he/she would choose:
A princess
An action hero
A robot


1. _____________________ would most love to…
Play in the snow
Go for a swim
Walk in a park

2. _____________________ would use which word to describe himself/herself?

3. If _____________________ were an animal, he/she would like to be a…


1. _____________________ would rather…
Write a book
Write a song
Write a computer program

2. If _____________________ could only eat one food for a week it would be…
Ice Cream

3. _____________________ would love to learn to…
Fly an airplane
Knit a sweater
Play drums

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite game to play as a family?”