10 Ways to Lead Your Family

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“Leadership” is a huge buzzword in 21st Century America. Corporations and institutions spend gazillions of dollars annually on classes and training seminars designed to teach and facilitate leadership skills in employees. Why? The business world knows that organizations function best when people take ownership of the opportunity and the responsibility to lead.

Likewise, family dynamics become more conducive to harmony, healing, productivity and positive growth when the people charged with the responsibility step forward and actually lead. Too many parents are reluctant (or scared, or lack the confidence, or feel ill-equipped) to take on such a role. However, no matter what your family configuration, making the effort to guide and lead the way is a most critical step toward family health.

Is it easy? Certainly not! How about straightforward? Not on your life! However, leading your family is far and away less demanding, less complicated, and less taxing emotionally than taking the proverbial “pass.”

All Pro Dad suggests these 10 ways to lead your family:

1. From the front:

We’re talking about being an example. Model the respect, responsibility, trust and family fidelity you’d like to see across the board.

2. In partnership with your wife:

Don’t try to be an island. Don’t make the mistake of always assuming unilateral authority. Leadership is something you must agree on together.

3. Like a Servant:

“Servant Leadership” means to take heed of great advice from a Leader who said such things as, “The last shall be first.” “If you want to be great, act like a servant”, and “He didn’t come to be served, but to serve.”

4. From your knees:

Servants spend a lot of time on their knees, but so do prayers. Be that kind of dad for your family and be the spiritual leader by example.

5. With humility:

Effective leaders aren’t in it for themselves; they’re in it for the organization. Family leaders place their personal needs behind that of the family. It’s not about you.

6. Morally:

Moral leadership gains authority through—essentially—“right living.” Be the kind of dad the family looks up to because you live with such evident goodness.

7. Educationally:

Be the dad who is moving his education forward, constantly. “Dad is always learning!” “Dad is always getting better!” “Dad is an inspiration!” “Dad is showing the way.”

8. Courageously:

Leading often means taking a stand, and stands can be costly. But dads who stand on conviction are family leaders everyone knows they can rely on.

9. With an open heart and mind:

Be ready to admit when you’re wrong, quick to apologize, and open to discussion. Don’t confuse any of that with compromise!

10. Lead with the sure understanding that, if you don’t, someone else will:

This is a crucial point to understand. A leadership vacuum will occur if parents step away from the opportunity. Also understand this: Leading your family is not only your right—it’s your responsibility.

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Huddle up with your wife tonight and ask her: Do you think I am doing a good job leading our family?

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