When Most Divorces Happen…and When Marriage is the Happiest



Do you know when most divorces occur?  There are two peaks.  One is 4 – 5 years into the marriage when disillusionment sets in.  Your wife is not at all what you expected and vice versa and the thinking is that you all might be happier with someone else.  On top of that, you probably have young children in the home, adding to the stress.

The other peak is right after your last child leaves home.  Called the Empty Nest Syndrome, couples who have been “kidcentric” find out they hardly know each other now.  It’s not that they despise each other.  They simply have drifted apart.

However, according to Dr. Gary Thomas, the highest level of marital satisfaction, surprisingly surpassing even the honeymoon phase, is after 25 years of marriage.  Couples who are married more than a quarter century are, generally, the most happy they have ever been.  They’ve been through the battles, survived, and have learned how to thrive.  They have more realistic expectations, are less selfish, and are more mature.

So if you are in a difficult marriage, stick it out.  The best is yet to come.  But you need to work at it.  Here are 10 ways to have a vibrant marriage.


Huddle up and ask your wife tonight:  “Do you think our marriage will be its happiest after 25 years?  Why or why not?”

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