Harbaughs Followed a Great Role Model: Their Father

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There used to be a time in my life when talking to the parents of Ravens coach John and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh in advance of the Super Bowl was simply about gleaning anecdotes, hearing and retelling tales of car rides and family dinners.

No longer. Now I am a parent.

People always said having kids “changes everything,” but this pretty little euphemism does not do justice to what happens. You go from being a normal person with a healthy balance and perspective to somebody plotting how to get your kid into Harvard, seriously debating tennis versus ballet all while figuring how to intermingle sharks and princesses into a fourth-birthday party theme. So what I really wanted to ask them was, How?

In this world of Tiger Moms and tutors for preschool entrance exams, what did Jackie and John Harbaugh do to produce two such high achievers?

“I don’t know if we instilled anything, but I think they watched,” Jack Harbaugh, their dad, said. “They observed and they saw things that they liked. And this is the profession that they decided to pursue, and I say that makes me most proud.”


Here’s the rest of the story, originally published at Fox Sports.

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