5 Easy Car Lessons That Every Man Needs



For most families, other than our home, the most important asset we own is our car. Family life requires reliable transportation and there is no getting around that fact. Every time we leave our driveway headed to our jobs, practices, meetings and churches, it’s taking a toll on the car. Proper maintenance is essential, and that gets very expensive when we add up the costs.

A wise saying goes, “Don’t drive as if you own the road. Drive as if you owned the car.” We need to take special care of these important machines. Men who have the skills to maintain their car are a dying breed. The technology has become beyond home remedies, and the ease of outsourcing regular service can be found seemingly on every street corner. Hector’s Oil Change is more than happy to charge to change your oil. However, as an All Pro Dad, we are always looking to improve our games. There are basic car skills we can easily learn and save our families money for other areas and there are memories waiting to be made with your kids under the hood of your car.

5 Easy Car Lessons That Every Man Needs


Huddle up with your kids tonight and tell them about your first car.

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