The Way to Discovering Your Child’s Dreams



There is not a more famous speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than his I Have a Dream” speech. It has already inspired generations, continues to inspire today, and will do so for many more generations to come.

His speech encouraged his generation to envision a life that looks far different than the one they were witnessing at the time. And it encourages us because much of his dream has become a reality.

Having a dream is important. Our dreams are associated with hope. Having hope gives us life.

Part of our jobs as dads is to encourage our kids to dream. To see, think, and imagine great things to come in their lives. When we help our kids dream, we give them an important tool which will help guide them and encourage them to fight through challenges. Here are 12 conversation starters to encourage your kids’ dreams to help you learn what your children’s dreams are and to encourage them to dream big.


Huddle up with your kids tonight and ask them about their dreams using the conversation starters above.

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