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Friday Night Tykes


It’s no secret that parents often push their children to extremes when it comes to sports. One such example is from the show, Friday Night Tykes. We’ve got a short clip for you to watch below. As you watch, consider ways in which you might be too harsh or too extreme in dealing with your own children.

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Human Trafficking: End it Movement


Each year, thousands of children are kidnapped for the purpose of prostitution and pornography. Oftentimes, this happens right under our nose and we are none the wiser. This short video clip highlights the horror of human trafficking and how it happens.

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We Are One Step Closer to a Lightsaber


The lightsaber may be the most coveted sci-fi gadget in film history, and scientists from Harvard and MIT have taken a first step in achieving humanity’s collective dream of owning the mystical Jedi weapon.

In a paper recently published in Nature, leading scientists Mikhail Lukin and Vladan Vuletic bonded photons, the particles that make up light, to form molecules‚ a state of matter that had only previously been theorized. Photons have been described as massless particles, an idea that’s demonstrated whenever two sources of light pass through one another uninterrupted. However, the researchers noticed light was acting a little strangely under certain conditions they created in the lab.

To get photons to interact with one another, Lukin and Vuletic cooled a cloud of atoms to temperatures far colder than the surface of Hoth, to numbers approaching absolute zero. Then, after firing two solo photons into the cloud, the team noticed that the light reemerged as a pair. They observed that within the particle cloud, the photons noticed each other’s presence. Inside the medium there is a force that is making them behave like an atom, Lukin told Popular Mechanics.

“What [the lightsaber] analogy refers to is the physics of what is happening in our experiments,” he says. “In practice, if you take two lasers, or laser pointers, you can shine one beam at another and nothing happens. The reason why nothing happens is that photons don’t interact with each other; they don’t feel each other’s presence. In the experiment, however, the photons’ interactions are so strong that they form as molecules.” And Thibault Peyronel, a graduate student at MIT who worked on the project, says that even more complex structures, such as crystals formed from light, are possible.

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Stop and Hear the Music


The Washington Post did an interesting experiment in a DC metro station.  They had Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world, sit down at rush hour and play a violin for 45 minutes.  Two days prior Joshua had sold out a Boston theatre with tickets averaging $100 per seat. Out of the estimated thousands of people that passed by, only six people stopped and stayed for a while.  He collected $32 during this time.

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Jay Z’s Fatherhood Paranoia


Huge Disclaimer – In no way does All Pro Dad endorse Jay Z, his lyrics, actions, or what he stands for.   However, we were fascinated by this video of Jay expressing the ill effects of being fatherless in his promotion of Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Jay Z, a new dad to his daughter Blue Ivy, says he feels trapped because his father never taught him how to:

 1. Raise a child.

 2. Treat a woman.

It goes to show that not even money, success, and fame can replace having a father in your life.  The most iconic, “hardest” entertainer isn’t above the pain of not having a dad. Jay-Z, we at All Pro Dad are here for you and everyone who feels like you.   We want to help the fatherless who are now raising children.  If you are unsure of how to treat a woman, read 10 Ways to Love Your Wife for Life.   If you need help molding and shaping the precious gift of your daughter, here are our Rules for Dads of Daughters. Jay-Z’s last line in the video is, “It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.” What is your fatherhood paranoia?

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