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The Longest Married Couple

longest married couple

John and Ann Betar of Connecticut have been married so long they’re getting national recognition.

The Fairfield spouses, who tied the knot more than 80 years ago, have been named the 2013 “longest married couple” in the United States by Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a group in San Bernardino, Calif., dedicated to improving Christian marriages.

The Betars will be presented with the honor and gifts at their granddaughter’s home in Fairfield on Saturday [February 9, 2013].

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to recognize John and Ann Betar for their commitment to marriage,” said Ron and Judy Pekny, the United States Ecclesial Team for WWME. “We are looking forward to personally recognizing them on Feb. 9th in their hometown of Fairfield,” they added. The Peknys serve with Fr. Rocky Grimard, as the U.S. leadership for the marriage enrichment movement. Fr. Grimard will also be at the presentation.


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For Better or For Worse


How would you react if your spouse was irrevocably brain damaged in a tragic car accident? Would you keep your covenant to love her in sickness and in health, for better or for worse? Well, Ian and Larissa did just that. With God’s help, this young couple overcame what seemed like insurmountable circumstances. This powerful video will leave you thankful for God’s blessings in your marriage.

UPDATE: March 2013

Ian is improving physically, using a walker everyday, and left the house in a wheelchair for the first time in seven years.  He has taken up painting and has been using his paintings to pay for his therapy.  For someone in Ian’s condition, it is a miracle for him to use his creative mind.  The video has provided so much hope for the disabled community and their story continues to display that God values life – life of the unborn, the disabled, and the healthy.  They are in the process of telling their story in a book due in the Spring of 2014.

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Steve Martin, Debt, and Your Marriage


Stuff. Most of us would admit we have too much of it. Yet we continue to buy more. And oftentimes, that “stuff” is purchased on a credit card and added to our debt tally. Debt, and the way you handle your finances, plays an integral role in the health of your marriage. Here’s a short clip that highlights the issue in a comical way.

[NOTE: We do not endorse Saturday Night Live.]

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Volkswagen “Wedding Day” Commercial


We’ve all seen it in the movies, how a man or woman is about to marry someone they love, but may not necessarily be their true love. They are settling in a sense. Marriage is a big decision, and no one  wants to make a mistake and wind up with the wrong spouse. This Volkswagen commercial  highlights one woman’s marriage decision.

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Nadal vs. Steffi: The Difference between Men and Women


Men and women are different.  Really different.  This was classically represented with the way tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf (tongue-in-cheek) answered the very same question.  But different does not mean bad.  In fact, the diverse ways men and women look at things are beautiful if handled well.  Here are the 10 biggest differences between you and your wife.  Maximize this blessing of different perspectives.

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