Teaching kids to respect authority, play fairly and love others are just a few of the vital things fathers need to keep in mind in order to raise responsible adults. These resources will help you with all of this and more.


6 Powerful Parenting Questions

Having spent 10 years practicing law early in my career, I learned that asking the right questions is critical to finding the truth and getting results. But when dealing with our kids’ emotions and relationship struggles, conversations can feel really one-sided. To promote good conversations as parents, we need to ask 6 powerful questions for kids. Educators have understood this for centuries, as evidenced by the Socratic Method that uses a series of questions to help students discover answers, not just hear facts. Spend five minutes with a teenager or young adult and you’ll quickly understand, too, that questions that only require a “yes” or “no” won’t get you very far or deep. . . .

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