Teaching kids to respect authority, play fairly and love others are just a few of the vital things fathers need to keep in mind in order to raise responsible adults. These resources will help you with all of this and more.


10 Truths about Wisdom Every Child Must Learn

One of the key responsibilities you and I have as parents is to instill wisdom in our children. That can sound pretty lofty, especially when they are little and we just want them to behave and be safe. But there are truths about wisdom they can and must learn. Early on, parents focus on getting kids to do as they’re told. Obedience is the name of the game. I remember when our kids were young thinking “I want them to just do what I asked them to do.” But eventually, for the long-term, my main goal in parenting had to shift to “I want them to choose to do what is wise.” Seeking wisdom is more important than blind obedience. . . .

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