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10 Ways That Birth Order Affects Your Children

There's a family I know with four children. The first three children came close together, but the fourth came later as an unexpected gift. The difference in age between the first born and the last born is considerable. It was clear while the kids were growing up that the parents were much more "relaxed" with the fourth than the other three. The oldest, who personified responsibility, would often step in to help. One day when I was at their house, the youngest was acting up. While the parents were out of the room dealing with him, the oldest daughter turned to me and said about her parents, "Those two are ruining that kid." When the dad came back into the room, he said to me, "(Our oldest child) has failed miserably in raising that child." He obviously was joking and it was funny to watch. There were some clear birth order stereotypes at play. While birth order can have a big impact on a child, parents should take caution when using it as the only reference source in their decisions regarding that particular child. However, birth order observations may provide some insight into your child’s tendencies. Here are ten ways that birth order affects your children. . . .

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