Parenting teens requires different techniques than parenting younger children. Read these articles for tips on how to navigate your family through the teen years intact.

my teenager hates me

Understanding Why My Teenager Hates Me

Imagine me holding the ends of two very long strings in between my thumb and finger. The strings go a long way off into the distance side by side. Now imagine if one of those strings went left, but only by the slightest degree. If you followed the strings, they would appear to be side by side for a while, however, eventually they would end up further and further apart. That's what it can be like for many parents of kids moving from childhood into adolescence. They had been parenting a certain way and it was working fine. Then things changed. All of a sudden there was attitude and rebellion. The harder the parents try, the worse things seem to get. Often times they wonder, "Where did my sweet little kid go?" The reality is that as kids grow and move into the teen years, a parent has to change the way he or she parents. Over the years, I have seen many parents of teens struggle while also hearing plenty of feedback from the teen side of things. You may be asking yourself, "I wonder why my teenager hates me. How did we get here?" There are a couple of behaviors or approaches to parenting teens that will drive the strings further apart. Avoiding those is important in order to have a good and open relationship with your teenagers. Here are 4 ways to end up with a teen who hates you. . . .

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