30 Day Marriage Challenge

Take All Pro Dad’s 30 Day Marriage Challenge and we think your marriage relationship will see a big difference. Simply do the assigned task on that particular day. Your wife will love it and by the end of the 30 days, your marriage could very well be revitalized. 

  • Oceanalienprincess

    dudes are allowed to get away with being SO absolutely mediocre. Unbelievable.

    • Hey OceanAlienPrincess! I looked at the challenge…and yes, it’s a great starting point that would indeed have some impact… That being said however, you are right…we guys don’t need to settle for being “mediocre.” Would you mind sharing what you would like to see for a Challenge for us “Dudes?” – would love to hear your thoughts! [email protected]

      • Oceanalienprincess

        I’d love to see y’all actually treat your spouses like people? people who are equal to you? JUST as intelligent as you and worthy of being talked to and treated with respect???? So many of these ought to be done literally DAILY because your wives are actual, real human beings. i read these to my wife and she couldn’t believe how absolutely condescending the list was.

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